The Old Man's New Book!

Everyone knew the Old Man talked a lot. After all, that's the whole reason for this website. The dude can put some words down in a hurry. This time, however, he got so carried away that the only logical way to make it all readable was to put it in a book. So, here's his whole diatribe on how to keep the United States from becoming even more of a greedy, racist, opportunist, unfriendly, and very undude oligarchy than it already is.

Well researched and heavily sourced, the Old Man doesn't pull any punches on this one. Yet, he's smart enough to not make it a thousand pages of repeating himself. That's how you know he's not a politician. He makes his point and moves on rather than belaboring the topic until you're tired of it. 

Proceeds from the book help pay the bills around here, which are mounting daily. Order your copy now!

Prepare For Cooler Weather

Our friends in the Northern Hemisphere may have noticed a nip in the morning air recently. While summer hasn't given up its last breath just yet, Autumn is definitely coming and for some that might happen more quickly than you'd like. That's why now is the perfect time to be proactive and order one of our special ABIDE hoodies! Place your order now and you'll have the hoodie ready to keep you warm and comfy on that day when you go to light the furnace and the damn thing won't turn on. You know that day is coming. We have other stuff in the store as well, including rugs. Check it out, man

Meet The Old Man

For reasons we can't explain without a psychologist, a lot of dudes are wanting to know who the Old Man is, what he's like in real life, his joys, his sorrows, his secret for convincing children to eat their vegetables. The problem here is that we don't really know. For all the talking the Old Man does, he tends to clam up when asked personal questions. So, we've put together some stuff based on what we've observed and what his fiancè divulged under heightened interrogation. Don't worry, we didn't actually hurt anyone. The coffee grinder got a good workout, though. Click here for the scoop.

Old Man Talking

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The Old Man spends a lot of time preparing the content for this web site and, so far, he's done so without having to take any money from outside advertisers. That doesn't mean the bills aren't piling up, though. If the Old Man's here, that means he's not making money somewhere else. If you appreciate what the Old Man's doing, we would appreciate your support. He gets mighty cranky when he runs out of coffee. Please, don't make us go through that again. Just $5 makes a lot of difference. Click here to donate.

What Is A Dude

Who You Calling A Dude, Dude?

As a priest in the Church of the Latter-Day Dude, the question comes up occasionally as to whether this is a site just for, you know, the folks that identify as male. The answer to that question would be, "No." When the Old Man uses the term "dude," he does so in the most non-gender-specific way possible. There are male dudes, there are female dudes, there are gay, lesbian, bi and trans dudes, and there are gender-fluid dudes. The Old Man is cool with everyone regardless of their gender and sexuality. 

So, what is a dude? A dude is someone who strives to abide. We take the term from the character of The Dude in the Coen Brothers movie, The Big Lebowski. A dude is chill, lives in the moment, doesn't let little things become big things, smokes a little, drinks a little, hangs with friends, and tries to be nice to people to the extent that is possible. There are some aggressions that will not stand, mind you, like pissing on the rug that really tied the room together. Those matters have to be resolved. Other than that, though, it's living peacefully, supporting those with whom you're cool even if you don't exactly understand that whole performance art thing they're into, loving whomever, and generally trying to not be an asshole.

Anyone can be a dude, dude. Give it a try.