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The Old Man, AKA charles i. letbetter, is a professional writer, photographer, and creative with over 30 years of professional experience under his belt. He started this site so that his writing pieces wouldn’t clutter his photography website, which you can find here. He can be witty and fun or frustratingly opinionated. For more about charles, or The Old Man, take a look here.

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“Dude, you gotta represent,” are not words likely to ever come out of this old man’s mouth. Still, we have the logo’d merchandise that no one on the planet has. We’ve gone to the trouble of making sure there’s something for everyone regardless of gender or level of exercise. There are also items for those of us who prefer to sit back and drink coffee all day. The proceeds help us pay the bills. Click here to peek inside the closet.

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photo credit: charles i. letbetter

The Old Man spends a lot of time preparing the content for this web site and, so far, he’s done so without having to take any money from outside advertisers. That doesn’t mean the bills aren’t piling up, though. If the Old Man’s here, that means he’s not making money somewhere else. If you appreciate what the Old Man’s doing, we would appreciate your support. He gets mighty cranky when he runs out of coffee. Please, don’t make us go through that again. Just $5 makes a lot of difference. Click here to donate.