Old Man, Talking


The Old Man

All my life I put up with people telling me I was too quiet. In public, I still am. The reason is simple: everyone else loves talking so much I find it easier, and definitely more polite, to just sit/stand back and listen. Only when I am quite certain that my words can add value to a conversation do I see any reason to interject. I find that people are interesting and the less I talk the more they tell me about themselves whether they meant to do so or not.

When I have something to say I prefer to do it in writing. I like being able to think, to form my sentences carefully and give some thought as to whether the vocabulary being used is appropriate for the situation. I like long form: think Hemingway and those immense sentences that are practically separate stories unto themselves. I was writing on my own website long before anyone called it blogging. I learned to hand-code my own website back in 1995 and haven’t stopped since.

Photography is my primary passion and that is fully contained on a separate website. For many years I’ve combined both the writing and the photography on the same site, often in the same post, and that worked well. However, the content of the writing often distracted from the photography. People visiting the page were confused as to what to expect. So, in August of 2017, I decided to move the writing over here to a separate website. Makes sense I suppose.

My challenge is finding a voice that doesn’t lean so heavily on the pictures. And paying rent. There are so many people blogging now, with the number increasing by the thousands every day, that we’re challenged to find an audience that fits what we’re doing and willing to support that.

What you currently see is the third iteration of the website. I’m trying to be more thoughtful with my content, less worried about meeting a self-imposed deadline and more concerned with writing things that are meaningful, things that make sense. We’ll see how that goes.

Anything else I would put here skews toward the personal side and I’m not telling you any more until you tell me something about you. Go ahead. Leave a comment.