Raising children to be successful

Raising Children With Skills To Succeed

There may not be anything more important to ensure future success than to adopt world-class habits and perfect them daily. Source: 4 Habits the Highly Successful Have Mastered hildren. Raise your hand if you have some. Yes, the one with the drink in it is fine. I probably have mentioned Continue Reading

never leaving home

I’m Only Leaving Home For The Fun Stuff

ne of the joys of living when we do is that modern conveniences, particularly the Internet, make it increasingly possible to not have to leave home when we don’t want to. This is important because part of abiding well means being able to spend long hours in meditation and contemplation Continue Reading

better writing

Say It Loud, Say It Clear — Better Writing in the Age Of Abiding 

Entertain, don’t be afraid of a bit of filth, but be cautious with your XXXs – the essential guide to getting your message across while avoiding the pitfalls of communication Source: Don’t press send … The new rules for good writing in the 21st century Writing is an essential part Continue Reading


Addiction Ruins Everyone’s Chill Even If You’re Not The One Addicted

“It’s everywhere. It bugs the hell out of me when chefs have this rock-and-roll image. It’s all bullshit,” the Fox TV chef told the Cannes TV market. Source: MIPCOM: Gordon Ramsay Says Cocaine Ruining Restaurant Business | Hollywood Reporter Drugs. I have to say up front that on a primary Continue Reading

Pizza Toppings, Neanderthals, And The Ability To Chill

Pizza Toppings, Neanderthals, And The Ability To Chill

Gravity is the root of lightness; stillness, the ruler of movement. Tao te Ching, 26 eanderthals would probably have not liked pineapple on their pizza and that’s why they’re extinct. Sort of. Not exactly, mind you. Although Neanderthals did presumptively occupy parts of what is now Italy so I guess Continue Reading

Redefining Holidays

Perhaps We Should Redefine American Holidays

e were shopping in our friendly neighborhood warehouse store yesterday and the Young Woman commented on the Christmas decorations that were already prevalent even before Halloween. Not that either of us was actually surprised. Holiday creep in store marketing has been a thing for decades as retailers try to extend Continue Reading

Overcoming the stigma attached to mental health

Many can’t see the benefit of speaking up. Source: Most people think there is a stigma attached to mental health at work – Business Insider I’m going to keep this one fairly short because a) this is an area where advice is best left to experts, and b) there’s plenty of Continue Reading

Solving the problems we create

Finding Solutions To The Problems We Create

If we want to cut down on disease and achieve meaningful health care reform, we should make it a top nonpartisan priority to address our nation’s nutrition crisis. –Dariush Mozaffarian, Professor of Nutrition, Tufts University There are so many hot-button issues on which I want to voice my opinion that I Continue Reading

Cooking With Porn

Pornhub Users Are Exchanging Food Recipes And Cooking Tips On The Adult Website

The website is becoming quite educational. Source: Pornhub Users Are Exchanging Food Recipes And Cooking Tips On The Adult Website – DesignTAXI.com I can hear the excuse flying now. Spouse discovers Pornhub listed in the browser history and confronts their significant other, “You’ve been watching porn, haven’t you?” Defensively, the Continue Reading