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Genetic Revolution That Improves Who We Are

Nobel Prize-winning research offers the possibility to dramatically alter human DNA in positive ways. There are opportunities ahead but there are also significant risks and all of it could lead to revolution.

A Moment Of Perspective

This never-ending news cycle leaves us overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. We easily lose sight of what is most important and our priorities become unbalanced. Then, life hands us a moment of perspective. Update 12 June 2018: It is with great sadness we report that Andrew passed on around noon eastern time today. While there was hope immediately after the surgery to remove the blood clot, he suffered a massive aneurysm this morning and he was not strong enough to recover.Read More


Addiction Ruins Everyone’s Chill Even If You’re Not The One Addicted

October 17, 2017 Medicine, Video

“It’s everywhere. It bugs the hell out of me when chefs have this rock-and-roll image. It’s all bullshit,” the Fox TV chef told the Cannes TV market. Source: MIPCOM: Gordon Ramsay Says Cocaine Ruining Restaurant Business | Hollywood Reporter Drugs. I have to say up front that on a primary level, I’m not opposed. Drugs do good things, solve problems we otherwise cannot address on our own, and can even put down a nice vibe that makes it easier forRead More

Overcoming the stigma attached to mental health

October 10, 2017 Medicine, Thought For The Day

Many can’t see the benefit of speaking up. Source: Most people think there is a stigma attached to mental health at work – Business Insider I’m going to keep this one fairly short because¬†a) this is an area where advice is best left to experts, and b) there’s plenty of external reading to be done. Please, pay attention to the links we are including here. So, why write anything at all? Because I am being constantly reminded that a lotRead More

Can I Eat Here?

Can I Eat Here?

Note: This article was previously published on the Old Man’s other website. We apologize if you’ve read it before. We needed content and the Old Man is cheap. For us. For anyone else, he’s insanely expensive.¬† Fighting Type 2 Diabetes means finding flexible places to dine   Ready-to-wear fashion season is always a bit stressful around here. I’m up at 2:00 in the morning trying to catch early runway shows in Europe and trying desperately to keep up with trendsRead More