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Things I Learned From Listening To Children Play

Things I Learned From Listening To Children’s Play

November 11, 2018 Long Read, Social Observation

What children tell us during their playtime can be very enlightening, encouraging, and sometimes just a wee bit frightening.

Genetic Revolution - Old Man Talking

Genetic Revolution That Improves Who We Are

Nobel Prize-winning research offers the possibility to dramatically alter human DNA in positive ways. There are opportunities ahead but there are also significant risks and all of it could lead to revolution.

Life Is Volatile - old man talking

Life Is Volatile & I Need A Wing Person

September 2, 2018 Long Read, Social Observation

Our brains are constantly distracted as Life grows increasingly volatile. We can’t do this alone. We need a wing person.

Fatth & The Superhero

Faith & The Superhero: Two Sides of a Gilded Coin

Faith compels us to be better people. So do superheroes. Neither gods or superheroes can be proven to exist, but our society clings desperately to both

We have 8 cats, Old Man Talking

You Are The Reason We Have 8 Cats

Cats make wonderful pets for people who have the personality to handle them. Typically, two cats are enough for most households. Any more than that and it can feel overwhelming. Four years ago, I agreed to get one kitten. One. So why do we now have eight cats? I am totally blaming you for this.  [siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] My dear fiancè’s name is Kat so it really is no huge surprise that there would be cats in our household. Not only isRead More

old man talking

The Fairness Doctrine We Need Now

January 4, 2018 Long Read, Social Observation

We cannot discuss the inequality in society until we address the unfairness ingrained by thousands of years of history. “That’s not fair!” We hear those words almost every day. If one has children, the sentence is likely screamed rather than merely stated. A sense of fairness is instilled in all of us from a very early age. We all want the same things, the same opportunities, the same tilt in our favor, and the same bending of the rules thatRead More

Navigating Holiday Party

Navigating Holiday Events When You’re Not A Social Person

Hopefully, we respect ourselves enough to know that we are dynamic people who can’t be described adequately in one sentence. —Darrah Brustein ,  [email protected] You’ve been in this situation before: Someone you don’t want to disappoint has invited you to a holiday party full of people you don’t know and aren’t totally convinced that you want to know. Sure, you’re going to go but you’re dreading the moment someone walks up to you and asks some inane question such as, “Hey, how’s itRead More

Death of the American Mall

Time Is Up For America’s Malls

“I think now, we think of malls as these things that double as minimum security prisons or something because they’re so boring to visit and so walled in, and now they’re not the cool, new place to be.” -Jan Rogers Kniffen I remember the first mall I ever visited. Woodland Hills Mall was located in what was then a remote field on the Southeast side of Tulsa, Oklahoma. As we were driving out to the mall, with absolutely nothing aroundRead More

When Real Life Mimics A Television Series

November 2, 2017 Long Read, Social Observation

Frankie Bergstein: What brand would you smoke if your husband turned out to be gay? Clerk: Uh, Newports? Frankie Bergstein: For 20 years? Clerk: Lucky’s. If you’re one of those people who has never been exposed to the Netflix original series Grace and Frankie, you are living a deprived life. The series carries a lot of star power with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sam Waterson, and Martin Sheen in the lead roles. The basic plot of the series is that twoRead More

Do halloween ads work

Do Halloween Ads Actually Sell Anything?

October 31, 2017 Social Observation, Video

Scare tactics from Mars to Burger King. Source: The Scariest, Freakiest and Funniest Halloween Ads of 2017 – Adweek Holiday ads, in general, are special beasts in the advertising world. Budgets are larger and there is more expected from them. Therefore, they tend to be more creative, more effort is put into them, and often some really big names are brought in to make them better. One of the most interesting holidays for ads, though, is Halloween. You’ll want toRead More