Claiming This Blog On Bloglovin’
Claiming This Blog On Bloglovin’

Claiming This Blog On Bloglovin’

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Yes, this is one of those housekeeping things we have to do to spread the word about The Old Man Talking. It’s not really that big a deal; the amount of digital space taken is quite minimal and the post itself is unobtrusive enough that we don’t have to worry about it upsetting that whole SEO numbers and keywords thing. Still, it gives more people a chance to follow what’s going on here and that’s ultimately a good thing.

The Old Man likes when people actually pay attention. I think you’ll find most older people are that way. They fear that younger people and those who cater to them will forget that previous generations still exist. None of us want to become victims of the “I thought s/he was already dead” sentiment. We like to think we still have something important to say even if advertisers and media that used to clamor for our spendable cash have now moved on to more youthful audiences.

So, we’re attempting to spread our wings a bit. Hopefully, this works. Don’t be too surprised if you see more posts like it. The marketing doesn’t do itself.

Abide in Peace,
the Old Man

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