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Where we pass the hat

We need money. It’s that simple.

Note: This is not a non-profit institution and donations are not tax deductible. 

Donate to Old Man Talking

Let’s be totally honest here: we need money.

Our reasons aren’t different than anyone else’s. There are bills to pay and when the Old Man is talking here he’s obviously not doing anything else to generate income. That’s a problem because, again, bills.

When you give to Old Man Talking,you’re helping raise awareness and support for issues that matter: issues like fair housing, equal pay, gender fairness, and everything else necessary to maintain an acceptable quality of life. While it would be nice to think that we can just write something and everyone instantly know about it, that’s not the way things happen. We work hard to get every pair of eyes that view a post.

NRethinking 'Mericao, we’re not above enticing you with goodies. Specifically, if you make a one-time gift of $50 or more we will send you, at no additional cost, an autographed copy of the Old Man’s new book: Rethinking ‘Merica. It’s not a huge book, mind you. The Old Man didn’t want to get too terribly detailed for fear that he might put everyone to sleep. This book contains his outline for keeping the United States a democracy that serves the best interest of everyone, in true Dudeist tradition. Having this book on your shelves is a prize unto itself.

Our hand is out. Our hat is tipped in your direction. Thank you in advance for helping us stay solvent. Your generosity is truly overwhelming.

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