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I have some bad news: You can’t go around wearing that robe all the time, and you really need to put something on underneath it. Not that we mind, you know, but no one here has bail money if you get yourself arrested in public. And the children. Think of the children.

You also need to replace some of those glasses and mugs that keep wandering off every time you have guests over. That’s what happens when you’re such a gracious host.

And that rug. Geeze. You need one that really ties the room together.

We have all that and a few other things. Sure, you could get shirts and mugs and rugs and the local Flip-n-Spit, but no one else is going to have these designs and a dollar of every purchase helps us keep the lights on.

Take a look. Buy something. You may not really need anything, but it’s all cool stuff and you’re helping at the same time. Seriously, it’s a better investment in humanity than a lot of NGOs on the planet.

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By the way, all our product orders are fulfilled by the chill dudes at CafePress. We let them do all the heavy lifting because, let’s face it, man, we’re lazy. We also don’t have room for that much inventory. This is a nice place we live in, you know, but it’s a bit small what with me, the girlfriend, three kids, seven cats, and two big ol’ dogs. The folks at CafePress are cool.