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Fun Stuff

Fun Stuff

Really tie the place together

Rugs. Not terribly exciting, but these could tie the whole room together. We’ve assembled plenty of other stuff, too. You know, the kind of stuff that you probably need but never think about until you’re out somewhere and don’t have one. This is your chance to get one before you need it so that you have one when the need does actually arise. The Boy Scouts call this “being prepared.” We might think of it as avoiding that damn bear all together so that there’s no chance of being eaten.

Pick out what you want and then click a picture. When you click that picture your browser is going to up and move to the CafePress website. I’m not keeping an inventory of rugs around here; that’s like asking some Nihilist to come over and piss on every one of them. I don’t need that. So, they’ll handle the payment and processing and shipping. If you have a problem with anything you order, contact them, not me. Once you click that button, I have no control over what happens next.

Make sure you come back when you are done.

Woven Blanket

Woven Blanket

Messenger Bag

Messenger bag

Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap

Samsung Plus Case

samsung galaxy plus case

Samsung Case

samsung galaxy case

Samsung Tough Case

samsung tough case

Makeup Pouch

makeup pouch

Tote Bag

tote bag

Laptop skin

laptop skin

Drawstring Bag

drawstring bag