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Men’s Wear

Men’s Wear

Oooh! Cool stuff to wear!

Yeah, we call this section men’s wear because it’s generally styled for guys. We all know, though, that if it’s cool someone’s probably going to steal it. So, all the styles here are unisex so they’ll still look good on your sister … or that “friend” who can’t seem to find her clothes the next morning. It’s all good. One thing to note, though, is that the sizes tend to run a bit small. So, if you normally buy a large, you probably want to get an XL this time around.

All orders are fulfilled by our kind friends at CafePress. Once you click on a product below, you’ll be on their website, not mine. Be sure to come back when you’re done!

Stuff with the ABIDE design

Dark T

Abide Dark Colored T

Colored T

Abide Colored T

Baseball T

Baseball T

Black Tank

Abide Bl ack Tank

White Muscle

Abide Muscle Shirt

White Tank

Abide White Tank

White T

Abide White T


Abide Hoodie

Stuff with the “Abide With Me” design. You’re not flirting, it’s the name of a hymn.

Abide With Me T

Abide With Me Dark

Abide With Me Tank

Abide With Me Blue

Abide With Me Muscle

Abide With Me Black Tank

Abide With Me Hoodie

Abide With Me Baseball