Look! The Old Man Has A New Book!
Look! The Old Man Has A New Book!

Look! The Old Man Has A New Book!

Are we excited around here or what?

The Old Man has published a new book! Rethinking ‘Merica is an examination of the current state of the country with practical suggestions for what we can do to actually make it better.

This isn’t ear-tickling political garbage, mind you. If anything the Old Man runs counter to any political mainstream currently active in the U.S. He’s much more liberal than the average Democrat and doesn’t mind making suggestions that defy the status quo on every possible level.

Relying heavily on the wisdom of Plato and other philosophers, the Old Man uses the metaphor of mowing the lawn to make his argument for a complete overhaul of social, economic, and political systems. He’s thought this through with a goal of creating a world where everyone can be themselves, find their own Nirvana, without judgment or interference.

A little idealistic? Perhaps. Most books like this are—they have to be. Setting an ideal is necessary as a goal to be achieved. Compromise inevitably pulls away from that ideal, but ends closer to that goal than the current status.

Consider these words from charles i. letbetter’s forward:

Our founding fathers were extremely careful and wise in constructing the government on which this country was built, but there have been so very many inventions and changes to society along the way that many of their original concepts just don’t work anymore. When the Constitution was ratified, only land-owning white men could vote. We’ve obviously changed that rule more than once since then, but where we sit today, in 2017, is at a place where there are actually people, including the President, who want to see some of those laws rolled back to a place that benefits them politically. Racism and bigotry are more a part of the American reality than ever. The ranks of poverty are swelling to levels not seen since the Great Depression. The middle class is nothing more than a memory.

The United States in which I was born no longer exists, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if we use the current situation as a foundation for creating something better. When it comes to better, there are a lot of good ideas out there that show a lot of promise. They’ve worked in smaller communities, which leads me to believe that there’s a chance they can work on a national basis. This is their moment. We need to try some alternatives.

We are VERY excited about this book and hope you’ll enjoy reading it as well. Don’t hesitate or delay. Click here to order your copy today!

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