I went to the Indiana State Fair today. $2 Tuesday, you know. It was a chance to get out with The Girlfriend and Son #3, which is always nice.

The theme this year is “The Wonderful World of Food.” Indianapolis is trying really hard to be a foodie city, which is rather cool. So, I was hoping to see some of the more contemporary food choices represented.

Nope. No deal, man. Everything was deep-friend and covered in 100% fat. Even the veggies. $2 deals all over the place and this Old Man couldn’t eat a damn thing. Talk about disappointment. All the smells, all the temptation, and I had to wait until I got back home to eat anything.

This had me thinking about a certain Rolling Stones song. Specifically, Satisfaction. As in, “I can get no …”

That pretty much sums up the way the Old Man is feeling at this point in the day.

Although, there is one bit of good news: Letterman is coming back to television! Granted, the format is nothing like the old Late Show. He’ll do long-format interviews which is a strong point of his. The only problem here is that we’ll have to wait until 2018 and he’s only doing six episodes.

Sigh. Satisfaction, man. It really is tough to find.

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