#StupidQuestionsFor [deity of your choice] 
#StupidQuestionsFor [deity of your choice] 

#StupidQuestionsFor [deity of your choice] 


Source: (38) #StupidQuestionsForJesus hashtag on Twitter

Twitter games are an interesting and often fun way to pass the time, especially when this Old Man is between some of the most boring fashion shows he’s ever seen. Seriously, New York Fashion Week blows chunks in just about every direction this season. So, since I still have about an hour and a half before things get interesting over at Ralph Lauren’s place, I thought I’d share some of the better options with you.

What gets me, though, is why we always see silly games like this involving the Jesus, with whom we’re told to not mess, but never Shiva or Buddha and especially not Mohammed. Geeze, some people get really touchy about those guys. So, what I’d like to see in the comments, if you think you’re witty and brave enough, is stupid questions for the deity of your choice, whomever that may be, from Zeus to Baal. I really don’t care which one you pick. Have fun with the mythology for a moment.

Now, here are some ideas to get you started:

There you go. That should be enough to light a thought or two in your brain. Go ahead, share. I promise I won’t judge.

Well, not too much.

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