Surviving mornings when you're not a morning person

Surviving Mornings When You’re Not A Morning Person

I am not a morning person. Not even close. If it were up to me, my day would start somewhere around 10:00 and ease into work mode somewhere around noon. I start slow. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve actually been able to follow Continue Reading

charlie and the chocolate factory

Roald Dahl’s “Charlie” Was Supposed To Be Black

“I don’t know why (it was changed). It’s a great pity.” Liccy Dahl, Roald Dahl’s widow There is so much about children’s literature that we love. We identify with the characters and sometimes even take on some of their traits. We look at how they solve the problems in their Continue Reading

Huricane Dennis hits Key West

Abiding Guide To Being Chill Through A Hurricane

“This [Hurricane Irma] could easily be the most costly storm in U.S. history, which is saying a lot considering what just happened two weeks ago.” -Brian McNoldy, a hurricane researcher at the University of Miami, alluding to the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Everywhere you look, it seems, people are Continue Reading

Ruth Gordon: On Assholes

We have it in our power to overcome assholes Source: Ruth Gordon: On Assholes Click on the link and read the full quote from James Grissom’s interview. The lady unquestionably knew what it means to abide. She totally nails what is necessary to deal with assholes. Abide in peace, The Continue Reading

15 Scientifically Proven Ways to Work Smarter, Not Just More

Nobody cares how busy your are or how work you late, they just care what you get done. Source: 15 Scientifically Proven Ways to Work Smarter, Not Just More Friday afternoon, Labor Day weekend, and here I am talking about work? What the fuck am I thinking? I’m thinking that Continue Reading

Old Man Talking

Rules Don’t Apply When They’re Wrong

Has the whole world gone crazy? Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules?  -Walter, arguing with Smokey Rules. There are times when they are absolutely necessary, such as bowling, or football, or most any competitive event. They lay out the framework that allows Continue Reading


Positive Thinking Won’t Lead You To Happiness

Good morning, dudes! If this were a traditional church, we would probably begin by singing some hymns or maybe having a live band guide us through some of our favorite songs. This is not a traditional church, though. I mean, you can hum something if you want, we won’t fault Continue Reading

The Old Man Talking

The Chillatitudes: A basic guide for learning to abide

While reading, the Old Man suggests playing this in the background: grew up in an extremely religious family. My late father was a Southern Baptist pastor and Mom was the quintessential pastor’s wife. Everything we did revolved around the church. We said grace before every meal regardless of how public Continue Reading