Things I Learned From Listening To Children Play

Things I Learned From Listening To Children’s Play

November 11, 2018 Long Read, Social Observation

What children tell us during their playtime can be very enlightening, encouraging, and sometimes just a wee bit frightening.

Your coffee habit could lower your risk of death

August 29, 2017 Thought For The Day

Participants who drank at least 4 cups significantly lowered their risk of dying. Source: Your coffee habit could lower your risk of death DUDES! Who knew we had the elixir of life right in front of us this whole time? Doctors have been saying quite a while that coffee is NOT bad for you, in most circumstances, but lowering your risk of dying is even better than we thought! I don’t know about you, but dying never has really been allRead More

We Are Slobs

We Are Slobs

August 7, 2017 Long Read, Social Observation

Fashion retail is failing because we prefer to dress like bums   The Short Version With thousands of major brand name stores closing this year, fashion labels and department stores alike are struggling to find a way adapt to a fundamental shift in how people dress. Comfort dominates over style. Dress codes once forged in steel have been shattered. Rare are the occasions when we feel the need to “dress up.” Our preference is for wearing what once would haveRead More