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Life Is Volatile & I Need A Wing Person

September 2, 2018 Long Read, Social Observation

Our brains are constantly distracted as Life grows increasingly volatile. We can’t do this alone. We need a wing person.

A Moment Of Perspective

This never-ending news cycle leaves us overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. We easily lose sight of what is most important and our priorities become unbalanced. Then, life hands us a moment of perspective. Update 12 June 2018: It is with great sadness we report that Andrew passed on around noon eastern time today. While there was hope immediately after the surgery to remove the blood clot, he suffered a massive aneurysm this morning and he was not strong enough to recover.Read More

Old Man Talking

What Shutdown? 10 Things You Can Still Do

January 21, 2018 Sunday Sermon

While avoiding the politics of a partial government shutdown, the day-to-day for the majority of us is unaffected. Here we are, the United States government is in partial shutdown mode. Not a full and complete shutdown, mind you. Social Security checks still go out. Medicaid still gets paid. FBI, Secret Service, and Border Patrol agents are still working. Air traffic controllers still keep the sky safe and there are still plenty of security people to make the task of gettingRead More

Old Man Talking's "Rethinking 'Merica"

Look! The Old Man Has A New Book!

August 30, 2017 Long Read

Are we excited around here or what? The Old Man has published a new book!¬†Rethinking ‘Merica¬†is an examination of the current state of the country with practical suggestions for what we can do to actually make it better. This isn’t ear-tickling political garbage, mind you. If anything the Old Man runs counter to any political mainstream currently active in the U.S. He’s much more liberal than the average Democrat and doesn’t mind making suggestions that defy the status quo onRead More

We Are Slobs

We Are Slobs

August 7, 2017 Long Read, Social Observation

Fashion retail is failing because we prefer to dress like bums   The Short Version With thousands of major brand name stores closing this year, fashion labels and department stores alike are struggling to find a way adapt to a fundamental shift in how people dress. Comfort dominates over style. Dress codes once forged in steel have been shattered. Rare are the occasions when we feel the need to “dress up.” Our preference is for wearing what once would haveRead More