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Cooking With Porn

The website is becoming quite educational.

Source: Pornhub Users Are Exchanging Food Recipes And Cooking Tips On The Adult Website –

I can hear the excuse flying now. Spouse discovers Pornhub listed in the browser history and confronts their significant other, “You’ve been watching porn, haven’t you?”

Defensively, the other replies, “Yes, but I only do it for the recipes!”

I have to admit, I am not able to confirm this article myself because there are small children running in and out of the room. The folks over at Design Taxi appear to have taken screenshots, though, and that’s good enough for the time being. I can just imagine being the writer who received that assignment. “Hey, Izza, we need you to do an article on recipes in the comments section over at PornHub. We need copy in a week.”

I don’t know Izza, obviously, but for most writers I know the response would have been, “I’m going to need more time to research this thoroughly.”

Just the general idea that there is cooking advice on a porn site opens the door to a plethora of bad jokes and puns. I mean, just think of all the bad porn sets that allegedly take place in a kitchen. The “cooking” metaphors alone could go on forever.

What makes me curious is whether things like this help legitimize porn to any degree. Consider what happened with Playboy. Over time, it really did become better known for its articles, especially its interviews, than its legendary pictorials. Not so much that it could actually drop the nude gatefold, mind you. They tried and it was a disaster that ended in the firing of a publisher. Still, few people are as offended by Playboy today as they were when Hef started the magazine in 1952. Could PornHub develop a similar reputation?

The challenge for PornHub is that not only is there a stigma about porn in general, there’s an equally negative stigma about people who watch porn. The conventional wisdom is that both are bad and shouldn’t be allowed in public. There are even studies showing the negative effects of porn and the criminal activities that take place, including rape and human trafficking that accompany the business. I won’t dispute any of that.

However, the exact same problems exist in the mainstream movie industry. Have you checked the news lately? Look at the list of people who are claiming Harvey Weinstein has committed sexual assault. Don’t think that mainstream Hollywood is any better than the porn industry. It isn’t. Yet, you’ll spend $15 a pop plus overpriced popcorn to see the latest drivel they produce.

Hypocritical, much?

Any way one chooses to look at it, the whole recipe thing is amusing. Click the link up top to read the original article on Let me know how the lasagna is.


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cooking with porn

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