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Faith & The Superhero: Two Sides of a Gilded Coin

Fatth & The Superhero

Faith compels us to be better people. So do superheroes. Neither gods or superheroes can be proven to exist, but our society clings desperately to both

Rachel Held Evans On Sexual Abuse & Patriarchy In The Church

Old Man Talking

Rachel Held Evans (@rachelheldevans) went on a Twitter rant in response to the standing ovation a Memphis megachurch pastor received after admitting he had sexually assaulted a teenager.…

Perhaps We Should Redefine American Holidays

Redefining Holidays

e were shopping in our friendly neighborhood warehouse store yesterday and the Young Woman commented on the Christmas decorations that were already prevalent even before Halloween. Not that…

This Saturday, an invisible rogue planet will NOT bring about the Rapture

end of the world

A Christian researcher has blended theories about Planet X and the eclipse and decided that the world ends Saturday Source: This Saturday, an invisible rogue planet will bring…