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Genetic Revolution That Improves Who We Are

Nobel Prize-winning research offers the possibility to dramatically alter human DNA in positive ways. There are opportunities ahead but there are also significant risks and all of it could lead to revolution.

Pizza Toppings, Neanderthals, And The Ability To Chill

Pizza Toppings, Neanderthals, And The Ability To Chill

October 15, 2017 Long Read, Sunday Sermon

Gravity is the root of lightness; stillness, the ruler of movement. Tao te Ching, 26 eanderthals would probably have not liked pineapple on their pizza and that’s why they’re extinct. Sort of. Not exactly, mind you. Although Neanderthals did presumptively occupy parts of what is now Italy so I guess it’s always possible they had something that was remotely like pizza, it wouldn’t have had a crust and they certainly didn’t have access to pineapples.  This is where middle-of-the-night extrapolationRead More