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Genetic Revolution That Improves Who We Are

Nobel Prize-winning research offers the possibility to dramatically alter human DNA in positive ways. There are opportunities ahead but there are also significant risks and all of it could lead to revolution.

Old Man Talking's "Rethinking 'Merica"

Look! The Old Man Has A New Book!

August 30, 2017 Long Read

Are we excited around here or what? The Old Man has published a new book!¬†Rethinking ‘Merica¬†is an examination of the current state of the country with practical suggestions for what we can do to actually make it better. This isn’t ear-tickling political garbage, mind you. If anything the Old Man runs counter to any political mainstream currently active in the U.S. He’s much more liberal than the average Democrat and doesn’t mind making suggestions that defy the status quo onRead More

The Rise and Fall of Mayberry

The Rise And Fall Of Mayberry

August 6, 2017 Long Read, Social Observation

Note: This article was previously published on the Old Man’s other website. We’ve moved it over here to help populate the place a bit. Andy needs a gun and Opie’s moving meth.     Smalltown America has always been an important part of who we are as a country. Back in 1960, Producer Sheldon Leonard worked with a then little-known comedian named Andy Griffith to create a television show that would look at the humorous-yet-wholesome side of small-town living. GriffithRead More