What Is The Value of Life, Pt. 8: Sex Special Edition
What Is The Value of Life, Pt. 8: Sex Special Edition

What Is The Value of Life, Pt. 8: Sex Special Edition

This topic seemed like a good time to try turning the podcast into a video. Here’s the deal: this is NOT time efficient. While the normal podcast takes about two hours to record and produce, the video has taken over 14 hours. Just finding a way to get it uploaded was challenging. So, if you enjoy this format, please let us know in the comments below and consider contributing to the cause because I can’t do another video like this for free. The time hit is too severe. Thank you.

We Need Your Help

We’re torn. On one hand, now that we’ve figured out the whole video hosting problem, we like the format and think it could help make the podcast more accessible. At the same time, though, the amount of time necessary is not something we can easily absorb. If we’re going to do other videos like this, we’re going to need some help from you. I know, cash is tight for everyone but just $10 makes a lot of difference.

We’ve changed donation methods, for now, to hopefully make it a little easier and more transparent. You can pay directly through PayPal using either a credit card or your own PayPal account. If you listen to these podcasts, if you enjoy what charles writes, perhaps you see the value in donating, maybe even on a monthly basis rather than trying to do a lot all at once. 

We would also appreciate you helping us spread the word about these podcasts. charles puts a lot of work into each one and annoys the family to no small end when he’s recording them. Growing our audience increases the opportunity to meet our goals.

Whether you donate today or not, thank you for listening and/or reading. We appreciate you being here.


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