Your coffee habit could lower your risk of death
Your coffee habit could lower your risk of death

Your coffee habit could lower your risk of death

Participants who drank at least 4 cups significantly lowered their risk of dying.

Source: Your coffee habit could lower your risk of death

DUDES! Who knew we had the elixir of life right in front of us this whole time? Doctors have been saying quite a while that coffee is NOT bad for you, in most circumstances, but lowering your risk of dying is even better than we thought!

I don’t know about you, but dying never has really been all that high on my list of things I want to do on any given day. I mean, if I croak, I croak. I’ve had a decent life, done a sufficient number of things. I’m good with putting a period at the end of a sentence and moving on to whatever comes next. But not dying? BONUS!

And to think that my regular morning routine is enough to get me to that added benefit. I’m up at 5:00 AM most mornings so that I can have some quiet, contemplative time to myself before the little ones come barrelling through needing help finding the clothes that are literally right in front of them. Coffee is the first thing that happens once the dogs are out the door with four cups consumed by 10:00 most mornings. Not a problem.

What the study doesn’t seem to address, though, is what happens if we like triple or quadruple our consumption beyond those four cups. While that’s not an everyday occurrence for me, personally, I know plenty of people who simply do not abide without that mug in their hand. Something tells me there is a point of diminishing returns somewhere and it would really be nice to know what that is.

Granted, there are a few dudes who have to stick to decaf and it would seem that those poor folks are just doomed to die early. If I had to drink decaf, I might ask to die early. I mean, dude, that’s like trying to pass off a White Russian with something other than Kaluha in the mix.

Still, this is excellent news for a large number of us. Hooray for reducing the risk of dying. Chalk this one up to one of those days where we eat the bear.

Abide in peace,
the Old Man

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